New Shoes

Budgens, Waitrose, M&S. Crouch End is very expensive.

I used to shop in Tesco and I am shocked by the prices of good old Crouch. For example I thought I would go to the fish shop to buy a Sea Bass. I asked for a fish large enough for two people and the fish monger pulled out a large bass and I said great thanks please can you fillet it and how much is it?

How much do you think it was?


Much more expensive than my Tesco fillets for £3.95. Anyway, after a disastrous morning with a stubborn child a missing pram we went to my guilty pleasure Red Shoes selling the most gorgeous shoes of mainly Scandinavian origin. I love Scandinavian clothes for kids especially for boys as they are bright, playful well made and funky compared to the old men’s style of clothes available here such as brown cords, brown shoes etc. In Red Shoes they sell beautifully made bright shoes for boys. One summer I brought the most beautiful pair of Turquoise sandals for John John and this year he was wearing navy European style sandals all summer, we have brought cool boots there and fantastic purple mini boots with flowers on for Loretta.


They are not cheap! I went in today with let’s have a look around and go and left £160 poorer and in shock. My son walked out in a pair of dark turquoise Little Pet shoes and  Loretta well she refused to try on any shoes apart from a gorgeous pair of bright blue Angulus boots with silver stars on. At the cost of £96 I am well and truly a prat and a sucker. I am in debt and buying clothes for them on Next online. I also need to buy her a pair of shoes as the boots are too bloomin hot to wear to nursery!

Oh well.

That is a record for me.


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One Response to New Shoes

  1. Angulus is expensive, but oh so nice! I like your priorities; Shoes are most important. Then clothes can be from the high street or second hand or handed down!

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