I’M lOVIN IT – Crouch End

I haven’t written for a long time. Here’s a quick post about current things I love about Crouch End.

Morleys butchers and their frozen hamburgers, off a barbecue they taste better than Byron! Sorry veggies.
Virgin Gym, a crèche, brilliant personal trainers, great classes – Zumba with Leary – friendly people (not all!) – what more can you want! My kids spend at least 6 hours a week in the crèche and the staff are lovely.
Budgens, having been irritated by it, I now love it and the veggies have a much better taste than M&S and Waitrose.
Londis, the corner shop that sells Organic milk, was sold out over half term – that’s Crouch End for you!
Dunnes iced fingers, say no more.
The library – great DVDs for kids.
Red Shoes, you know you love them.
The laundrette in Weston Park, wash and iron a duvet, sheet and 2 pillowcases for £8.50 on the same day! Hotel feel stylee.
Bike shops, blow up pram wheels and space hoppers.
Parks – Stationers, feels like you are in the countryside.
Wow Japanese is fantastic and Melange is amazing.
The W5 hoppa bus, I vowed I would never use it as it seems lazy and now I’m there waving my hand!
Margaret in Weston Parks newsagent.
Chatty people in the streets.
Calmness and fresh air.
Nice houses to look at.
Coffee Circus coffee, Gails coffee.
So much to like!
What do you like?

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