Best Sunday roasts for families with kids and a granny


We love Sunday roasts. It means we don’t have to cook, shop on a Sunday when shops are about to close early. 

We are still searching for the ideal place but we do have some gems, here our list, what are your favourites?

The Maynard

We have been here a couple of times with the kids and they are very family friendly. The booths are the nicest place to sit if there are four of you. If there are five i.e. a granny or an uncle there are bigger tables right at the back. The pencils for drawing are a bit blunt like most places so don’t rely on them to keep your little ones occupied bring your own or an iPad. You can get a table here quite early her and they don’t run out of roast beef like some places!

We love the adult roasts here they are lovely but we have made two mistakes for the kids so hopefully you won’t make the same. We ordered fish and chips, which the kids usually love (without the mushy peas) but they said they had fish goujons and they sounded like they would be ok. When they arrived the kids had a taste and promptly said they didn’t like them. We felt really guilty as we tucked into our lovely roasts. The next time we thought ok we won’t order them again lets get them the lovely kids roasts like ours we can’t go wrong. How wrong could we be with our fussy eater 6 year old. The roast beef and Yorkshire was firmly plonked on red cabbage. As soon as my son caught sight of this he was having none of it and I mean none of it not one morsel passed his lips. The early evening was ruined by us trying to tempt him to eat it to no avail. We scraped off the red cabbage and even got a side plate and re presented the food to him but no that was it. We then tried to play tough parents; you are not getting anything else tact, which always backfires. We were left with him not eating and being hungry before bed and cooking for him at home! 

I bumped into a friend who takes her kids there and I said does your son eat the roasts, she said no no never, it has red cabbage we get him sausage and mash! So next time we will go down the sausage and mash route, which is a shame as that is just about all he eats and we do like to change it now and then. Maybe The Maynard should rethink their roasts for kids and do a simpler version. The adult food is amazing.

A bit further a field – The Grove

Love The Grove it’s a bit out of Crouch End but well worth the visit if you want to stretch your eyes into countryside just out side of London. It’s about a 40 min drive and so worth it. We usually go to The Stables, sit outside if it is sunny or inside if it is nice. The roasts are AMAZING. They do mini fish and chips for the kids, say without mushy peas though if you want to keep a smile on your kids face. It’s not cheap but nice for Mothers Day or just a treat. They don’t have pens and stuff for kids and its a bit to formal for iPads – you can sneak a mobile phone play at the end but we are too concerned that our kids come across really badly so we try and make sure they eat and don’t play. Hard I know, think French kids and parents to keep you going! A walk outside on the way back to the car is lovely and the kids often run across the golf course! If you can stay there too they have an outstanding kids club! A brilliant treat, believe me.  You can only book a table at 6pm here!

The Victoria Stakes

You can have your roast in the front which is more like a pub or in the vast open space at the back like a huge roomy greenhouse. We went for the latter, thinking it best to keep our children away from ‘normals’ which was a shame as the front is really lovely. Our fault. The back is really nice too. You can get in quite early for dinner. They have a kids menu, no crayons or paper. I think we were quite conservative with the kids, fish and chips or sausage and mash. This place is really good for large groups of people with kids as there is a lot of space at the back. The staff are lovely and very accommodating.

St Johns

One of our favourites, amazing food but pricey. The don’t open until 6 and they don’t have a kids menu as such or crayons or paper. Don’t let that put you off its fantastic. We get a booth at the side, which can accommodate 5 easily. Do book as it get’s pretty busy and especially for that seat. They don’t do a kids menu but do kids portions. To be honest we get side plates and give them some of ours! It’s not the most child friendly but probably one of the best. Child friendly if you go early. If they have sticky toffee pudding on the menu go for it, it’s rarely on and it comes off the chalkboard early on as it is the best ever!

Villiers Terrace

This is lovely. A bit more formal not kids entertainment i.e. crayons. However the roasts are lovely, lovely Yorkshire puddings. We went here for Mothers Day. They have a brilliant kids menu with all the staples i.e. sausages and pasta. Love it here. Nice for a treat.

St James 

I haven’t been here but a friend went and said it was the best roast she has had in Crouch End, she went with young kids. They used to have an entertainer but not any more but it’s amazing she said. So it’s the next place to try!Image



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